Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I Love

Sufjan Stevens
being silly with my siblings
turkey tetrazzini
this blue Bic pencil with a twist-up eraser
shimmery lavender nail polish
Brandi Carlile
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
hugs and cuddles
Wassily mothafuckin' Kandinsky
lunch dates with Emily
John, Paul, George, and Ringo
cultural references that I understand
New York City
Diet Coke
the new 80GB iPod
Dad's headphones
puppy kisses
Orbit sweet mint gum
tiny paintbrushes
my roommates
soft things like blankets and pillows
string quartets
long car trips
Bill Bryson
bright colours
the Internet
God and the rest of the Trinity
inappropriate things that shouldn't be funny but are
J.S. Bach
my teddy bear
you, probably


the one who is tangled in blue said...

well, if that list isn't in the top 10 of sweetest things ever, i don't know what is...

fyi, there is an exhibit of bfa students' work at the sofa gallery. i haven't been in yet (NO FUCKING TIME!), but the big paintings in the front room are very, VERY kandinsky-esque. in fact, i walked by the other day and literally thought, "holy shit! are they showing kandinsky at sofa? they're movin' up in the world..."

still worth a gander...

Neen said...

I love your list.