Saturday, June 9, 2007

I should vacuum.

I was feeling particularly irritable today after work, so I only hung out downstairs for half an hour or so before I escaped to my room to play with beads. I created some odds and ends--a leaf, a tiny flower...just a bunch of pieces, nothing that fits together. I really should try to do those beaded anemones (as in flowers, not sea creatures) because there needs to be something in my bouquet other than roses and wildflowers. I mean, I guess I am in the process of creating an iris, but I'm not sure how well that's going to fit into the bouquet. I'm a bit skeptical about it, honestly. It seems like an iris would be more of a focal point than something to blend in with a bouquet. I don't want a focal point. The bouquet itself is a focal point!

I have been trying to find more of the dark purple seed beads I've been using (I think they're Blue Moon, could be wrong). I know Michaels has them, or rather they do when they're in stock. I found beads at Hobby Lobby that looked like the right colour, but I took them home and...damn. They're silver-lined. The ones I'm looking for don't have the silver lining. So even though the beads don't match up, it's still okay because that means I have another colour to work with...I just, you know, really need those other ones. has a wonderfully tempting selection of colourful wire. If I had money to spare (which I guess I sort of do, even though I do need to be saving everything for the school year) I would get 26-gauge wire in many different colours. That site is really excellent. I've spent hours there before, just browsing all the crystal beads and expensive handmade things.

Speaking of expensive things, during my lunch breaks I've been going over to Guitar Center, and I think I've fallen in love with a certain 1972 Telecaster. That happens to be $650. Oh, and a certain Fender amp that happens to be...also very expensive. Also a baby Taylor acoustic guitar that's $200 but that's still too expensive for me right now. I would love to get a baby acoustic guitar. My hands are so ridiculously tiny that a baby guitar might be a good idea. Then again, in comparing the baby Strat with the regular-sized one...I'm more comfortable on the regular one, surely because I'm just used to it. So hell, I don't know. I'm more comfortable on an electric than an acoustic; I do know that. I haven't played my guitar all that much lately, to be honest...probably because I love playing plugged in and my cable doesn't work anymore...that should probably be my next purchase, actually. But can the purple beads really wait? Hmm.

1:30. Definitely should get to bed. Waking up in 8 hours for another fun-filled day of work at Value City. Booooo.

Fun fact: Sufjan Stevens' version of The Beatles' "What Goes On" from the original. Not that I really care. I don't particularly like either version.

Fun lie: Sufjan Stevens was born with three pinky toes.


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