Friday, June 1, 2007



I woke up at ten bloody o'clock this morning, after finally falling asleep around 4:30am. Yet somehow I'm not tired yet. It's probably the caffeine.

I have all these little seed beads all over the place (I knocked the lavender ones over last night in an attempt to avoid a centipede) and I just know they want me to thread them onto a length of 26-gauge wire and form them into a rose petal...but I'm just not motivated enough for that. Roses take forfuckingever to complete. I can do a tiny little wildflower in just a couple hours, but roses? Damn. They do end up looking pretty awesome though, and I need a bunch more to fill up my bouquet. This rose especially is going to be gorgeous. I have two shades of purple that are pretty similar, but one is darker...the petals are mostly the light colour with one row of dark along the edge. I've found that I like that look a LOT. I did a red wildflower the other day, light red petals with crimson edging. It is adorable.

I would love to make a French beaded flower barrette. I have to wear red, black, or white to work, but I think I can pretty much accessorize however I want. I wore my crazy beaded headband yesterday (it's like 18 inches of inch-thick peyote with a purple ribbon to tie it) and nobody yelled at me for failing to conform to corporate standards. Therefore, I would like to show up to work with a beaded flower in my hair. Not today though, because I'm unmotivated.

Okay. Two petals. I'm going to do two petals.

And then, you know it, I'm going to have to go to work and I won't want to stop beading.

Work 4-close tonight. That translates to approximately 4-10:30. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Fun fact: Not only is Diet Coke Plus delicious, it has vitamins and minerals so that means it's GOOD FOR YOU. Also, the bottle cap is a really great turquoise colour.

Fun lie: Seven people died in the making of "The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars" when the Brave Little Toaster, high on cocaine, incinerated the makeup crew and three bystanders.

Farewell, blogworld.

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