Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nobody's business but the Turks'

Hey! I'm 21!

I always said I wouldn't drink (alcohol) on my 21st birthday, just to be spiteful and kind of rebellious.

Yeah, fuck that.

However, I only had 2 wine coolers, at 3.2% alcohol, which I am told is almost nothing. I don't know. I was definitely tipsy, but not too much. My mom was sure I'd end up with a headache, and I am pleased to report that I did not get a headache, and I did not throw up like Mom thought I would, and I felt awesome when I woke up this afternoon. So there.

There are still a couple of those left in the fridge and I've been eyeing them all night. I'm waiting until after my gender studies final, though.

Anyway, I went shopping today. I found some excellent articles of clothing on clearance at Old Navy and Target--I came home with 2 T-shirts, a fleece pullover, a sweater, 4 pairs of socks, and 4 candleholders. Including the money I spent for lunch...$45. Hooray! And I still have a couple more textbooks to sell back! Haha. I love the end of the semester. Cash for books. Hell yes.

This sweater is seriously, ridiculously comfortable.

And it's pink. I don't remember where I heard this, but apparently "Tits always look better in a pink sweater." Mine do.

Really, I'm just killing time until my laundry finishes. It'll be excellent to have clean clothes. I mean, I know I just bought a friggin' wardrobe, but it's always great to have clean underwear.

Here's something that makes me happy: They Might Be Giants' version of the song "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)." Cracks me up.

There are streamers and balloons EVERYWHERE in this apartment. While I was out taking my final on Monday night, Kate and Farz decorated the living room and kitchen with streamers, balloons, posters, "happy birthday"'s insane. Insane in the most awesome, fantastic, "my sisters rock my world" sense of the word. We had a candlelit dinner (Chinese takeout!) and had more cake (my parents brought a cake when they came on Sunday) and it was the cutest fucking thing EVER.

Woo! Laundry just finished!

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