Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My s0x0rz are being r0x0red.

And I'm not even wearing s0x0rz.

The late and great George Harrison is the culprit, by the way, of this s0x0r-r0x1ng. Forgive me for being late to jump on the bandwagon, but I just now downloaded "All Things Must Pass" (I know, I know) and it is ZOMGAMAZING.

So it's, what, July 25th? I don't know when it was that I last posted here. Too long ago, in any case. June, I'm sure, because once July started I was in no state to be writing anything even remotely cheery. I swear...the first day of July started a whole mess of "Hey waitaminute I think people hate me." I don't need to go into it, really, but things are still up in the air and it's been 3 1/2 weeks. That's the longest anything like this has ever gone on, I think. Boooo.

Anyway, as for other is going well. I almost wish I were getting more hours, because I'm desperate for money at this point in the summer. The work itself is tolerable. I get freaked out and overwhelmed sometimes, but least I have fun stories to tell about it. Take, for instance, Creepy Bra Lady. This woman, maybe about 70 years old, came up to my register to buy a few things. She had maybe four items, one of which was a boring old-lady bra. The following dialogue ensued:

CBL: I didn't try this bra on, so I hope it'll fit right.
Clarkie: Well, if it doesn't, you can return it within 30 days if you keep your receipt blah blah blah.
CBL: I didn't feel like going into the fitting room to try it on. I don't even know what size I wear.
Clarkie: [repeat return policy]
CBL: *turns around, lifts up shirt in back* Could you check this one I'm wearing and see if you can tell what size it is?
Clarkie: *freaks OUT* can't see the tag. *NOT about to fiddle with this lady's bra, thankyouverymuch*
CBL: It should be in there somewhere.
Clarkie: Uh...I, um...your total is $moneynumbers. Have a nice day. *Please God let her put her shirt back down*

The male cashier next to me pretended not to notice.

As did the three other people in line behind her.

My supervisor cracked up when I told her about this. She said "Oh my God, I'm so sorry...please tell me you didn't check her bra size." No worries. Noooo worries.

So, anyway, I have today off work. Eventually, once I get my ass out of bed and passably dressed (yes, I know it is 3pm), I intend to play with beads for awhile. I really only need a couple more big flowers, a few small ones, and some random greenery. I also have some painting projects to work on. So my art should keep me busy for awhile. My mom is coming back today from wherever she was with her friends, so I'll have her to hang out with tonight if she isn't too tired. Brittany may or may not call me. That's up to her. If she does, hopefully we'll be able to get together for a Talk.

As for now, Diet Coke and leftover macaroni sounds grand.

Less than a month left until things get a lot better! *happy face*

Fun fact: My bottle of nail polish remover just says "Polish Remover" on it, and I keep wanting to pronounce "Polish" like the word that means "people from Poland." Polish Remover. I think my nail polish remover is working for the Nazis.

Fun lie: My nail polish remover is working for the Nazis.

Bonus fun fact: The word "Goodbye" is probably a contraction of the expression "God be with ye."


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