Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boots with the stigmata

I suppose it's bad that every time I see "Apple Bottom Jeans" written out, my brain reads it as "Apple Bottom Jesus." And then the mental image is...oh fuck it, I'm going to hell.

I only have one final exam left. The rest of my classes? Straight A's so far. Well, one A-, but whatever, it's still sort of an A. I'm hoping that I can do super-crazy-well on my sociology exam and finally have a semester of straight A's...I haven't done that since elementary school.

I finally got to see "Juno" tonight! Kate was like "Hey, do you want to go get Chinese food and rent 'Juno'?" and I just stared at her like "What kind of a dumbass question is that? Get your shoes on, let's go!" And then she kept saying "Hey, guess what! I get to hang out with my BFF Laura!" She literally said bee-eff-eff. It was awesome. I think she's the only person who can do that sort of thing without sounding stupid. Anyway, "Juno" was all kinds of great. Not as wonderful as "Little Miss Sunshine," but then again that is the epitome of what films should be, always, so I don't expect anything to live up to it. "Juno" was, like...an enjoyable version of "Napoleon Dynamite." Meaning, it was silly and spawned a million catchphrases, but unlike "Napoleon Dynamite," it made me a happier person.

I get to spend Friday evening painting small children's faces! Woo and yay! I solemnly swear to refrain from painting inappropriate or terrifying things, and I promise to avoid the use of Sharpie or other indelible materials.

Wait, shit, can I paint? Hmm.

I am seriously having to retype every word about ten times because there's no longer a stable connection between my brain and my fingers. This is because it's almost four in the fucking morning and I am really, really tired. Yay for sleeping tomorrow.

Whoa, dream big.

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